Words from Patrick Tilley

When the promo machine starts to roll, the news that the six books
of THE AMTRAK WARS are going to made into big budget
movies will be welcome news to the dedicated fan base the series
has garnered around the world since Cloud Warrior first landed
in bookshops back in 1983.

Many of you will be saying “About time” – and just as many
may be irritated, annoyed and even angry to learn that the series
of films will be made under the generic title of

Why do they have to mess about with everything?
Does this mean the films are going to be a complete travesty of the books?
Another Hollywood rip-off? Paris Hilton as Clearwater?

Relax. It’s going to be okay. The series title was changed at my request
because – if I’d had my druthers – that’s what the series would have been
called in the first place. Because the Talisman Prophecy – the idea
that the future can be foretold – is at the heart of the unfolding story.
The unfinished story – but more on that later…

In translating a book into a film, certain things have to change
but you can rest assured that the integrity of the story, the characters,
the complexity of their relationships and the future world setting
will be there on the screen. Starting with Cloud Warrior.

Hi-Tech versus Earth Magic. I can’t wait.

Patrick Tilley


  • Jaikaiman jaikaiman says:

    Dear Patrick,
    If you are reading this, then please could we have an updated version of this letter. 2007 is a long time ago…;)
    Many thanks

    • Grumps Mr Snow says:

      The words were written in 2007 just after the six-book film option deal was signed. Since
      then Tilley has worked on several drafts of the screenplay but which still nominally enjoys status as a “First Draft”. Despite being two years later I believe he feels the same way. Hence the quite, Maybe someone should just remove the date :-)

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