This is the offical Talisman Prophecy development diary/blog for the feature film and media project.  It gives access to all officially released information, concept art, development progress and news on and about The Talisman Prophecy project.

The Talisman Prophecy is based on the internationally best selling futureworld-epic book series by Patrick Tilley.

Our intention is to create a series of 6+ feature films based on the story of the books as well as associated media, such as MMOG’s, Console games and other associated media.

We understand that the series has a strong fan-based following and despite being out of print for more than 15 years it is still a much read book series.  Most reviews rate the story at 8/10 or higher.  Patrick Tilley truly managed to create an incredible story, with a fascinating and incredibly realistic and associative mix of genres, namely near-time science fiction and magic.  More on that in the pages that tell you more about the story and the characters.

This site will allow you to follow the development progress and even have your say.  Feel free to post comments and suggestions to any of the topics and pages.  You never know, you may just see your ideas on screen.

LEGAL stuff – rights release, use of site, ownership, copyright, production company etc.


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