The official development website for The Talisman Prophecy

The Talisman Prophecy is a feature film adaptation of the internationally bestselling book series “The Amtrak Wars” by Patrick Tilley.

This website is intended to allow you all to follow and actively take part in the exciting development of the project.  We intend to publish existing and new concept art, development progress and news of the project; ask for your thoughts and input and open up a window into this often mysterious part of a feature film, games and multi-media project.

We hope you will enjoy this adventure as much as we are enjoying it, so feel free to ask questions, give input, and have your say in how things may go.

The Wheel turns, the Path is drawn…

The producers Bold VFX/GEM & Waterloo Finance

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  • Justin Justin says:

    Looks great, ill deffinantly be keeping a very close eye on this site.

  • skyvoices admin says:

    Thanks, its very early days, and we have a few sections in development that will hopefully be going live soon, including The World of the Talisman Prophecy, The Cloud Warrior Film, The Game, The Mutants, The Amtrak Federation and more. Its still a bit of a conundrum of how to effectively split it all up and structure it, but then nothing is written in stone and even those things cahnge in the flux of time. So if you have ideas – let us know.

  • Brent Brent says:

    My wife had to search for the books across 10 second hand book stores to get the series for my birthday. As they aren’t in print as far as I’ve been told. These are one of the most emotionally treasured possessions I have. I am glad that someone is now making these great books into film history. Excellent choice.

  • Sea Warrior Sea Warrior says:

    I read all the books when they were published and now we can see the world on the screen. Couldn’t have done it back then. Thank God for digital technology.

  • Shaggy AFCMan says:

    I am so stoked about the movie finally coming out.
    Having read all the novels while I was still at school, I always knew that they would make the most fantastic movies the world has ever seen.

    I love the concept designs, but I personally think that the Skyhawks and Wagon Trains should remain as close to Pierre-Andre Tilley’s “Dark Visions” illustrations as possible, as these are the images that are still imprinted in the minds of the readers.
    Just imagine that amazing looking machine rolling onto the big screen, I cannot wait :)

  • Hangfire Hangfire says:

    Ive been inspired to start rereading the series. (been meaning to do it for ages) Already halfway through cloud warrior.

    Charles – Thats the first time ive seen the publication you linked to on amazon, can anyone enlighten me? I have both the common embosed title sets and the more recent publication, where does the fit in?

  • Hangfire Hangfire says:

    That explains why I’d never seen it in any Aussie secondhand book stores.

  • TheMeatBusiness jutshifter says:

    Hi there. I’m excited to have found this site, I’ve been a fan of the series for ages and was looking for a community to get invloved with.

    Is the movie deal an actual feasable reality? Or is this an optimistic blog, with the hope that funding for six major motion pictures will happen? Either way, I think it’s great. I’d love to see The Amtrak wars get some proper exposure.

    • skyvoices skyvoices says:

      Hi Jutshifter,

      welcome and great to have you join this community.

      We can say that the movie deal is a feasible reality, and at the same time unless its in the can and on the screen its not happened. We are aware of the long and exciting path we have ventured on and are excited to bring this incredible saga to life on the screen.

      The question isn’t if we will see it, its when.

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